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Satisfaction for every young parent is hearing shrieks of joy of their happily playing child. However, even a spacious apartment quickly grows too small for young researchers, and even parents occasionally deserve a moment of rest while their children grab some fresh air. Renovating a worn-out roof offers an excellent opportunity to properly plan and transform the previously unused roof surface into a pleasant and safe playground on top of a solid watertight roof structure of excellent durability, and, for good measure, high energy efficiency. Depending on each individual home, there is a wide range of ways to do this, some are more and others less suitable. Therefore it is good advice to contact an experienced designer, as he will be able to come up with the most appropriate solution.

Security and care

In the design of a playground, security comes first. First and foremost, a protective fence of sufficient height to prevent accidental falls from the roof must be considered. Also, to aesthetically complete the roof space, the fence should nicely fit in with the finishing roof layer. Choosing a fence should not be left to the project’s finishing stages and should be dealt with already when we start designing an inverted flat roof. In spite of ever so careful installation of the waterproofing and thermal insulation layer, improper fence installation can lead to the formation of thermal bridges – as breaking through the lower layers, weak points of increased transition of heat can occur and result in the formation of condensate and mold.

An interesting and diverse space

A playground, the place of happy fantasy and creativity release, should be designed as a dynamic and attractive space. Ideally, the finishing layer of the inverted flat roof should be a diverse combination of differing components. Teak wooden flooring will make the playground warm and in your children’s eyes quickly turn into a pirate ship. Path surfaces of honeycomb forms filled with gravel are perfect for children’s races. Small plant islands or patches of grass will additionally spice up the playground with a green note, and a small corner covered with concrete tiles turns into a great barbeque area for warm evenings. Practically all types of interesting playground equipment can be installed on an inverted roof, making climbing the fence quite uninteresting. Last but not least – we should provide a comfortable bench for handy relaxation.

Durability and strength

Due to its composition, the inverted flat roof is extremely durable and you need not worry that intensive use over time will lead to the same problems that constantly occur in conventional flat roofs, such as increased humidity, leaking, and gradual peeling off of waterproofing. In inverted flat roofs, the waterproofing layer is installed below one or more layers of extruded polystyrene, which simultaneously serves as an extremely effective thermal insulation and a solid base for upgrading the roof into walkable space. Depending on the specific wishes of the investor and the building’s durability status, the inverted roof’s composition can be customized to maximize all the benefits that it offers.

Peace of mind and simplicity

With expert assistance, the transformation of the roof surface into a comfortable and safe playground, which, due to its height is also protected from trespassers, is easier than ever. Once your children grow up, your flat roof can be reinvented with some minor work into something completely different, so there is no fear that it will remain unused and the renovation investment without returns.

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Steps to a durable roof above a cosy home

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