Steps to a durable roof above a cosy home

A roof has always been a symbolic element of a building. Indeed, a roof also symbolizes a conclusion and in some countries, its completion is duly celebrated. As the roof is a building’s primary defense against environment, this is hardly surprising.

If once, roofs were erected primarily as shelters from precipitation, today, they have acquired a number of other functions. Previously unutilized attics are turning into cosy attic apartments, offering additional residential space and catering to other residential and aesthetic trends.

Yet, attic apartments can turn out to be anything but cosy. As the large surface area of a pitched roof is particularly exposed to external temperatures, living below the roof could quickly turn into a nightmare. Learn how to avoid this.

In the Quick Guide you will find tips on

  • why the pitched roof is an important part of the Slovenian architectural history,
  • how to effectively reduce inevitable heat losses and gains through the roof,
  • steps to a comfortable residential attic space.