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Everybody wants to build a sustainable and energy efficient home. Nevertheless, while a new home should – first and foremost – facilitate a healthy hazard free living, we often disregard various potential threats. Especially those that remain unseen to the eye – such as negative electromagnetic radiation and geopathogenic zones. In new homes constructed on unfavourable locations and without adequate protection, these threats can prove harmful.

Although the merits of radiesthesia remain scientifically unconfirmed, radiesthesic methods are widely used in Austria and Germany. There, most major construction undergoes previous radiesthesic examination. Evidently, people have become more aware of various forms of terrestrial radiation. Supposedly, this radiation builds up where water flows below buildings and during its flow interacts with rock material.

Various studies have suggested that the negative effects of geopathogenic radiation may be reflected in slower functioning of the immune system and various other organs, in disrupted vascular circulation and the onset of cancer.

What is radiesthesia?

Radiesthesia is a technique which detects the effects of electromagnetic fields, magnetic ground radiation, t. i. geospatial fields, cosmic energy, and the Earth’s radioactivity on our health.

With this in mind, experts recommend to check the location of our future home and to position it in such a way that the impact of geopathogenic radiation is minimised. What then remains of radiation may be further reduced with proper construction measures. Certain forms of radiation can be detected using radiesthetic tools such as pendulums and rods.

How is this done?

Avoid geopathogenic radiation and radon passage by using the SEISMIC foundation pillow system solution

The radiation-adjusted SEISMIC foundation pillow system solution can avoid the effects of geopathogenic radiation. Basically, the SEISMIC foundation pillow is a system of two layers of smooth thermal insulation with a minimal compressive strength of 400 kPa, joined into a sandwich with two layers of double-sided self-adhesive waterproofing. In the radiation-adjusted solution, the first waterproofing layer is enhanced with aluminum foil, thus reducing negative radiation through reflection, while the second layer is a classical double-sided self-adhesive waterproofing foil. Besides reflecting radiation, this solution also prevents radon gas from entering the building. Furthermore, the thermal insulation’s grooved upper surface (i.e., the upper surface of the SEISMIC foundation pillow) prevents slippage in the event of an earthquake.

Of course, complex execution planning is necessary to assure proper sealing and prevent leakage.

Please consult us if you need additional advice on this issue.