Interior wall insulation: a quick and effective way to lower heating costs

According to the basic rule of thermal insulation, a building’s thermal envelope is at its most effective if installed externally on the walls of heated spaces. What can be done if, for different reasons, such as historic preservation or multi-family buildings, this is not possible? Does this mean that we must also give up our dream of lower heating costs?

Absolutely not. Internal insulation is increasingly claiming its place as an optimal solution for thermal insulation applied from the inside, keeping the building’s appearance unchanged. There are other advantages in insulating interior walls – it is relatively inexpensive and simple to carry out to the point that you can do it yourself. Do you want to know how to DIY an internal wall insulation? Find the answer in the Quick Guide.

Read in the Quick Guide:

  • when is thermally insulating your internal walls the correct decision,
  • which installation phases require special attention,
  • how to properly install the thermal insulation on internal walls.